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IPL Teams

Indian Premier League, abbreviated as IPL, is domestic T20 tournament established by the Board of Cricket Control in India in 2007, which also hosts a bunch of international test, one day, and T20 cricketers. With a successful run of three seasons in the past, pandemic media coverage, tremendous hype, and viewership across the globe; it's the new breed of cricket that's leaving its footmarks in non-cricket playing nations as well. Initially started with 8 teams that participated in the first three editions of IPL, the fourth edition of it that begins on 8th April 2011 will also have 2 new teams to make the battle all the more fiery.

The players were selected according to the latest rules that were framed before the auction for IPL 2011 edition and each team was to be constituted meeting certain guidelines such as:
  • Each of the IPL franchises can retain up to 4 players in advance of the player auction. Out of these, 3 could be Indian.
  • A franchise can bid for up to 10 overseas players. However, during a game, only 4 of these can be on the field while the rest have to be Indian cricketers only.
  • There is a maximum limit of $9 million for each franchise to spend at the IPL 4 auction. This means that a franchise which retains 4 players will have less spending money ($4.5million) for other players.
  • The maximum size of a franchise team is 30 players.
  • Sahara Pune Warriors and the Kochi teams are allowed to sign up to 4 players prior to the auction from a list of players who were not on any team during the previous IPL seasons.
IPL 2011 will have a total of 10 teams that includes 8 previous teams that have played in all the three editions and 2 new teams which have been selected from a bunch of 12 other teams on the highest bid basis.
After the grand success of last three seasons of Indian Premier League, twice in India and once in South Africa; the fourth season of 2011, with inclusion of two new teams, promises to add a lot of energy, cut-throat competition, and a wonderful chance for the upcoming talent to leave their mark in this tournament.