Get informed here about 1998 ICC Champions Trophy, then known as ICC Knockout Trophy. Know about the winner, format, preliminaries, and finals.

1998 Champions Trophy

Inaugural ICC Champions Trophy was played in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in 1998. The cricket event was then named 1998 ICC KnockOut Trophy. The objective behind holding in event in Bangladesh was to promote cricket there. South Africa won the inaugural ICC Champions Trophy, defeating West Indies by four wickets.

Format of the event was such that if a team lost a single match, it was out of the competition. After the preliminary matches, there were quarter finals, semi finals and final. Every match was like a final for the teams for one loss could put them out of the fray.

Only preliminary cricket match was held between Zimbabwe and New Zealand. Zimbabwe (258-7, 50 over) lost to New Zealand (260-5, 50 over) by five wickets.

Quarter Finals
The quarter-finals in the cricket tournament were held on October 25, 26, 28 and 29. In the first Quarter Finals match England (281-7, 50 over) lost to England (281-7, 50 over) lost to South Africa (283-4, 46.4 over) by 6 wickets. (283-4, 46.4 over) by 6 wickets. In the second Quarter Finals match, New Zealand (188, 49.5 over) lost to Sri Lanka (191-5, 41.3 over) by 5 wickets. On October 28, the third Quarter Finals, India (307-8, 50 over) trounced Australia (263, 48.1 over) by 44 runs. In the last Quarter Final, West Indies (289-9, 50 over) beat Pakistan (259-9, 50 over) by 30 runs.

Semi Finals
The two semi finals were held at October 30 and October 31. In the first Semi Final, South Africa (240-7, 39 over) beat Sri Lanka (132 , 23.4 over) by 92 runs. In the Second Semi Final, India (242-6, 50 over) lost to West Indies (245-4, 47 over) by 6 wickets.

The final was held on November 31. West Indies (245, 49.3 over) lost to South Africa (248-6, 47 over) by 4 wickets.