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Cricket is a game which has attained the status of religion in some parts of the world, particularly Indian subcontinent. The people here are much more than fans -of cricket. They adore cricket and are never tired of talking about it. Cricket stars are no less than demi-gods in this part of the world. In other parts of world like Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa, cricket is no less popular than tennis or soccer. And West Indians have their own style of cricket. Cricket with Calypso!

Cricket itself has its highs in the coveted trophies like World Cup and Champions Trophy. Matches between traditional rivals like India-Pakistan and Australia-England are keenly awaited. The Ashes, the six-test series between Australia and England, is a highly popular cricket event.

Cricket originated in England and they taught the game to the world. However, their influence on the world of cricket declined with time. In 60s and 70s, West Indies were the king of the world. They produced the cricketers of the caliber of Clive Lloyd, Gary Sobers and Vivian Richards, and recently, Brian Lara. However, after the departure of the likes of Viv Richards, Australia upstaged them. Till date, they are the undisputed champions of cricket.

Cricket has always been changing. Test Cricket is the oldest and most prestigious form of cricket. However, among common fans, One Day Cricket is more popular. Recent version of cricket is Twenty Twenty. Cricket is constantly evolving and International Cricket Council, the governing body of world cricket, is relentlessly experimenting.

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