Here is all information about ICC Champions Trophy 2002 like the winner, format, pools, group matches and finals.

2002 Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy 2002, held in Sri Lanka, was competed by twelve competitions. All ten test playing nations participated in the cricket trophy along with the Netherlands and Kenya.

All participating teams in the cricket tournament were segregated into four pools of three teams each. All teams played only one match with other teams in its pool. Four teams that led in each pool entered the Semi Finals. The teams were awarded four points per win.

The four pools were Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. Members of Group A were Australia, Bangladesh and New Zealand. Teams in Group B were England, India and Zimbabwe. Teams in Group C were Kenya, South Africa and West Indies. Teams in Group D were the Netherlands, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Group Matches Group Matches were played from September 12 to September 23.
On September 12, Sri Lanka 201-2 (36.1 over) got past Pakistan 200 (49.4 over) by 8 wickets at Colombo.
On September 13, South Africa 242-8 (49 over) defeated West Indies 238-8 (50 over) by two wickets.
On September 14, India 288-6 (50 over) won against Zimbabwe 274-8 (50 over) by 14 runs.
On September 15, Australia 296-7 (50 over) defeated New Zealand 132 (26.2 over) by 164 runs.
On September 16, Sri Lanka 292-6 (50 over) defeated Netherlands 86 (29.3 over).
On September 17, West Indies 261-6 (50 over) got past Kenya 232 (49.1 over).
On September 18 , England 298-8 (50 over) trounced Zimbabwe 190-9 (48 over).
On September 19, Australia 133-1 (20.4 over) got better of Bangladesh 129 (45.2 over).
On September 20, South Africa 316-5 (50 over) defeated Kenya 140 (46.5 over).
On September 21, Pakistan 142-1 (16.2 over) went past Netherlands 136 (50 over).
On September 22, India 271-2 (39.3 over) trounced England 269-7 (50 over).
On September 23, New Zealand 244-9 (50 over) defeated Bangladesh 77 (19.3 over).

Semi Finals
In first semi final on September 25, India 261-9 (50 over) pushed aside South Africa 251-6 (50 over).

In second semi final on September 27, Sri Lanka 163-3 (40 over) defeated Australia 162 (48.4 over).

Final of the cricket event was scheduled to be played on September 29. Sri Lanka made 244-5 in the allotted 50 overs. India was 14-0 in two overs when rain stopped play.
The match was played again on September 30. Sri Lanka scored 222-7 in 50 overs. In reply India made 38-1 in 8.4 overs when rain again interrupted. The match had to be abandoned and both the teams shared the trophy.