Have a look at all the teams and their squad participating in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2010.


There is a complaint sometimes that there are not enough teams/countries in the game of the cricket. We are not overtly concerned till the time we have these 12 teams playing the game.

The finest in the business gather in England to participate in the ICC T20 World Cup, also referred to as the ICC World T20.

The rivalry in cricket is unmatched by any other sport. Be it India Vs Australia; India Vs Pakistan; Australia Vs South Africa; Australia Vs New Zealand; India Vs England; Australia Vs England; Pakistan Vs Bangladesh or the quintessential sub-continental clash. When Cricketers play cricket, they know they are playing for high stakes.

After India walloped everyone to take the inaugural ICC T20 World Cup trophy, there was a raging debate to decide the actual world champion. And no one was away from it, be it the cricketers, media or the crazy fans. And we of course loved it. The display board proclaiming - "World Champions India Win Again' - after a T20 match in Mumbai. Australia accepting that they were world champions in only one format of the game was music to the ears.

The ICC World T20 would certainly see some these rivalries intensifying and maybe some new ones emerging.

Let the party begin.....