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IPL Teams

Indian Premier League, abbreviated as IPL, is a Twenty20 cricket league in India. Established by the Board of Cricket Control (BCCI) in 2007, several franchise teams representing Indian cities participate in this popular tournament and provide fun, excitement, cricket and entertainment for almost two months, scheduled over April and May of every year. With participation of almost all big cricket stars from all cricket playing countries, pandemic media coverage, tremendous hype, and viewership across the globe, this new breed of cricket is leaving its footmarks in non-cricket playing nations as well.

Each of the IPL franchisees can retain up to 4 players in advance of the player auction. Out of these, 3 could be Indian. A franchise can bid for up to 10 overseas players. However, during a game, only 4 of these can be on the field while the rest have to be Indian cricketers only.

Tournament and Compensation Rules
The IPL runs on a set rules pertaining to player selection and the compensation. A team is allowed to acquire players through five ways.
  • The Annual Auction
  • Signing Domestic Players
  • Signing Uncapped Players
  • Trading Players
  • Signing Replacements
As far as the trading of players is concerned, a player can only be traded with his consent, and the franchise pays the difference if any between the old and new contract. If the value of the new contract is more than the old contract, the difference is shared by the player and the franchise selling the player.

Team Composition Rules

Some of the team composition rules are as follows:
  • Each team to have a minimum squad strength of 16 players, one physiotherapist and a coach.
  • No team can have more than 10 foreign players on the squad and a maximum of four foreign players in the playing XI.
  • Each team must include a minimum of 14 Indian players.
  • Every team must include a minimum of six players from the BCCI under-22 pool.
Every new edition of the event promises more excitement and cut-throat competition, apart from providing a great platform for the upcoming talent.

IPL 2011 will have a total of 10 teams that includes 8 previous teams that have played in all the three editions and 2 new teams which have been selected from a bunch of 12 other teams on the highest bid basis.